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20 Pose Model versi

Membuat karya photography yang baik tidaklah semudah yang dipikirkan orang. Selain kehandalan sang photographer juaga diperlukan keprofesionalan sang model. Para model yang profesional biasanya telah mendapat bekal dari sekolah-sekolah model yang mereka lalui. Namun terkadang para photographer menghadapi masalah saat menghadapi para model yang baru saja terjun di dunia model atau photography. Kurangnya pengetahuan akan  Continue Reading »

Tyra Banks’s Modeling Tips

There’s no one better than Tyra to give excellent modeling tips and advice to those who dream of gracing the covers of magazines or strutting their stuff on the catwalks of high fashion. To help you with your entry to Tyra Banks’s Fiercely Real Model Contest (which could be your big break!), Tyra shares these  Continue Reading »

Dear Model: Posing Tips for How to Look Your Best in Photographs

  Dear (new’ish) Model, My name is Other Model. I have spent the last couple of years finding out a few things that I wish I’d known from the start. Please don’t think I’m patronising as I mean this only in goodwill, as there is absolutely no gain for me by sharing these cheats. Not  Continue Reading »